When kids can’t go to school: Teach a Talent and Jaime

Jaime Teach a Talent

Today I am happy to introduce you to our new Teach a Talent ambassador: Jaime.

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A day learning tailoring with Paul and Caterina, the new Teach a Talent volunteers.

Paul and Catrina

A few weeks ago we spent a wonderful morning with Caterina and Paul, the new Teach a Talent volunteers.

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Teach your kids that it’s the process what counts (with Teach a Talent and Perfect Days).

Teach a Talent and Perfect Days 1

“We used to wait for it”, sings Arcade Fire, “now our lifes are changing fast”. For our kids generation there is no waiting anymore; things just “happen”. Everything is ready, all comes to life with just a click of a button. Food magically appears inside the fridge and they probably think that ...

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A day with Teach a Talent and The Adventures Archive (video)

concierto The Adventures Archive

It was Minimusica day last Saturday in Madrid, a fun event that every year connects great music with kids. Teach a Talent and The Adventures Archive were there teaching the kids all kind of worlds and creative adventures. Here you have a video of the event:

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World Autism Awareness Day: Teach a Talent and Acaramelada


The internet has changed the concept of who the power goes to. Collectives that once struggled to spread their message can now have all the attention in the world, with just one click.

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Teach a Talent: Spicy Yuli


Today I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite Teach a Talent volunteers in Madrid. Her name is Yuli and she has a tea and spices shop.

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Teach a Talent: Alexia, Eric and the wonderful children of Xai-Xai


One of my dreams with Teach a Talent is to connect children from all over the world. I love that nowadays, thanks to technology, a kid in America can spend a bit of time with a kid from Africa. It is a terribly enrichment experience for both of them, one that shortens distances while opening ...

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What is Teach a Talent?

Teach a Talent event.

Here you have a video that explains you the whys and the whats of Teach a Talent in just four minutes:

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Teach a Talent: Fransen y Lafite.


Seven months ago I was invited to talk at TEDx about the need for a change in the education system. I took that opportunity to launch an idea that had been in my head for a while: to create a network of volunteers willing to share their passions with children, for free. A way for adults to ...

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