Adventure number 24: Put a smile on your kids school days with the snack project


Today’s adventure is about spending two minutes doing a simple thing that will put a smile on your kid every morning.

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Teach your kids that it’s the process what counts (with Teach a Talent and Perfect Days).

Teach a Talent and Perfect Days 1

“We used to wait for it”, sings Arcade Fire, “now our lifes are changing fast”. For our kids generation there is no waiting anymore; things just “happen”. Everything is ready, all comes to life with just a click of a button. Food magically appears inside the fridge and they probably think that ...

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Adventure number 22: give the gift of autumn


Autumn is here. The city has put on a wonderful dress of many colours and it looks just fantastic. There’s nothing we like more than going to our local parks during this period. Jumping into the leaves and crushing them, collecting chestnuts, and finding treasures to make crafts or decorate our ...

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Adventure Number 4: Looking for street art (London Shoreditch collective update)


At the moment there's probably no place in the world with a bigger concentration of great street art than the East End of London, especially in Shoreditch, the most popular area inside the borough of Hackney.

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Adventure number 19: the neighborhood treasure hunt.

nenasplaza The Adventures Archive

Olivia is a big treasure hunt fan. So this year, for her 7th birthday, I decided to organize her a very special one, involving the entire neighborhood.

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Book Club summer read

The Adventures Archive summer book club

The Hummingbird´s daughter, by Luis Alberto Urrea will be our summer read until the 1st of September.

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A day with Teach a Talent and The Adventures Archive (video)

concierto The Adventures Archive

It was Minimusica day last Saturday in Madrid, a fun event that every year connects great music with kids. Teach a Talent and The Adventures Archive were there teaching the kids all kind of worlds and creative adventures. Here you have a video of the event:

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Book Club: June-July suggestions by Amy Barba

Book Club June The Adventures Archive

Happy June to all new and old members! Here you have four new suggestions for us to vote, selected by lovely Amy:

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Adventure number 18: let´s make a time capsule


Where were you 20 years ago? And where do you think you will be in 20 years? Let´s build a time capsule together and find out.

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Adventure number 17: learn Spanish (or English) in 30 lessons ( VIDEOS)

Girls Reading The Adventures Archive

Today I wanted to share with you the Spanish School videos that the girls have been recording using the Vine app. A fun way for you or your kids to learn 30 new Spanish (or English) words.

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Adventure number 16: the gift chain


Today I would like you to join a new adventure based on new friendships and the exchange of stories.

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Adventure number 12: give thanks


For today’s adventure I would like to challenge you to take the time and give thanks. A simple gesture that has the power to move others and make you feel so good. I went around my city and gave people the opportunity to reflect on what they were grateful for. These were their responses:

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Adventure number 11: Ditch your brushes (or your paint)

Painting The Adventures Archive

Here you have the girls´ 15 favourite ways to paint without using brushes or colours.

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Adventure number 10: Smile! (video)


This is the easiest adventure of all, perfect for both kids and grown ups. Here you have a 2' video that explains it all. I hope you enjoy it:

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Adventure number 9: share your dream


There is something magical about writing your wish in a piece of paper and then launching it to the sky. Today I wanted to give strangers the possibility of doing just that.

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Adventure number 4: looking for street art (collective update)


A few weeks ago I launched the 'Adventure number 4: looking for street art' mainly because Olivia wanted to see street art from around the world. We had an amazing response and I couldn't be more happy to show you the pictures that have arrived:

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Adventure number 8: the disposable camera experiment


Digital cameras are great, no doubt about it. When you have a kid moving constantly you want to be able to take 20 pictures to get that perfect one. But digital cameras have robbed us of something: the surprise factor. Remember those trips to the photo printer shops? The expectation and the ...

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Adventure number 5: go for a serendipity walk


Today I wanted to share one of my favourite pastimes, something I call serendipity walks. These are perfect to turn up a boring day into an exciting one and they are also the best way to discover a new city when travelling.

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Adventure number 4: looking for street art


I love finding art along the streets. Don´t get me wrong, if there is something that drives me mad it is finding an old building ruined by a silly gang tag. But discovering nice, clever art pieces on temporary walls or finding cute things like yarn bombed areas always makes my day.

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Adventure number 3: give a book to a stranger


One of the things I like most is sharing a good read. Great books that stay with me way longer after I’ve finished them are hard to find and when I do I always want somebody else to be able to experience them.

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